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We have published six Spiritual Books in Marathi.

Marathi Books

  • Aadhyatmik Charchasatra
  • Shadripunshi Viveki Maitri
  • Gurumahima
  • Dhyan (Manachya Chalyantun)
  • Jeevan-mukti
  • Sagunatun Nirgunakade. The 6th edition of Marathi books is published recently.
  • Madhumeh Apatti Ka Ishtapatti
  • Nisantan Apatti Ka Ishtapatti


  1. Marathi Books :-

    The doubts of many a devotees have been cleared collectively on the basis of Scriptures (Shastras) through Spiritual Symposium every Thursday for the period of 6 to 8 months.

  2. Judicious Friendship with six inner evils :-

    It is being traditionally said that in order to achieve spiritual enhancement, one must establish command over the six inner evils/ have a control on them. But how to do that? Nothing has been said anywhere in detail about this. Dr. K.K. Kolhatkar has written about this subject in his book entitled ‘ Patanjalyog ‘ But a little more struck my mind and as such I felt it to pen it down.

  3. Glory of Guru :-

    The desirous of emancipation (Seeker) that is the one, who is devoted to spirituality, is definitely in search of Guru. Some of such persons do have some confusion whether to have Guru or not? Will I be able to afford having Guru ? Am I mistaken in having Guru ? Or am I mistaken in not having Guru ? How would I be able to be in the servitude of Guru ? Similarly such innumerable confusions invariably nag the mind. Also, in case of bad experience about the Guru, could the Guru be departed with or not ?

  4. Emancipation :-

    How to achieve Emancipation while living in temporal life is described in this book.

  5. In-form to Formless :-

    In-form worshipper (Sagun Upasak) – One, who has total faith in God, continues with one’s spiritual performance and awaits other bank of the river (salvation) with the help of a boatman (Guru). Formless Worshipper (Nirgun Upasak) - One, who jumps fearlessly into the stream i.e. totally surrenders and dedicates oneself to the divine energy, moves ahead without evading but facing joys and sorrows in life and eventually meets the divine energy.

  6. Meditation (Through toying with Mind) :-

    One constantly carries Good or Bad thoughts in Mind without his control thereon. However, he desires to have Meditation. This book guides for such Seekers.

Joy of the Destitute & happiness of the less fortunate in the community.